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  • Whether your project requires a multiple thousand-piece mailing that can be assembled and addressed by our in-house automation, or a smaller mailing project that requires hand assembly and stamping, Mail Solutions, LLC is your number one choice. We offer a wide variety of services guaranteed to meet the needs of your company's mailing requirements regardless of the size of your company or goals.

Data Management

  • Data Management services include address certification, data manipulation, data extraction and mail sort. Our team of programmers provide leading edge customization of your database.
  • Every job is handled individually, so if you require special programming Mail Solutions LLC can help. We have programmers on staff with expertise in several different programming languages.  Special printing needs, data verification, parsing, reports and more can be done by our own programmers.

Address Correction

  • **NEW** As of July 1, 2005
    NCOA Benefits
  • NCOA users will save money on postage, printing, and list costs by only mailing clients and prospects that have a valid USPS address. Your NCOA output will allow you to intelligently decide whether to mail to a client or prospect. This intelligence can save mailers up to 15% or more on the cost of their mailings plus help increase response rates.

    1. NCOA allows you to identify and eliminate bad addresses or names before you mail.

    2. NCOA helps maintain customer contact and address accuracy when they move.

    3. NCOA services can maximize postage savings by correcting the address before mailing.

    4. NO Minimum list size. Call or email today for a quote!

  • All data is run through our state of the art address correction system. We eliminate duplicates, correct addresses, append zip+4, and print the delivery point barcode on your mail piece. This ensures quick delivery of your mail piece at the lowest possible postage rate, and by keeping your list clean, you can mail to more customers or potential customers.
  • Address cleaning is undertaken to give clients assurance that more of their mail will arrive properly addressed and on the right doormat. Data is then manipulated to improve targeting of messages to customers.

Statement Rendering

  • We can quickly and economically print your statements with our high speed laser printing system. With our capability to correct addresses and to process your mail we can help you increase your cash flow and maximize your postage savings. 

Mail Presorting

  • Many mailers choose to presort their mail because it results in greater postage savings. Because Mail Solutions LLC is doing some of the work the United Postal Services would otherwise do, it costs the Postal Service less money to process and deliver those pieces of mail. We pass those savings on to you in the form of discounts. Basically, "presorting" means grouping your mail by zip code.
  • Some beginning mailers choose not to presort their mail; instead, they pay the full First-Class Mail rate, put stamps on their mail pieces, and drop them in a collection box. That's easy! Other mailers don't want to presort their mail but still want to get the lower postage rates. Mail Solutions, LLC's highly trained staff goes well beyond where the other guys stop to ensure you always receive the best discount (savings) possible.

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